The Amazing Pixel Gun 3d Hack



Held up in traffic and wondering what to do? Or just seated in the house during the cold winter and not bothered about the political climate?
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To enjoy the game and you have smartphone, you must first download it from app store, google play or on some websites then install it.

It can be installed on the personal computers, iPhone, and most kinds of smart phones and smart gadgets.
After installation of pixel gun 3d hack, you have to create account and you are set to go.

During installation, you will be required to choose the tools that you need to use. There are so many exciting tools and features you choose from. You may choose those that most suits you or choose all of them.
Just remember that the more the tools, the more enjoyable the game is.

After successfully installation and creation of an account you are ready to enjoy it. The game doesn’t require special training or skills to play. Anyone with interest can play. Learners are able to master it within a very short time. If you are unable to begin playing, it is advisable you visit the user training/help page. This page will direct you on how to play and become a renown hack player. It has simple and direct information on playing the game and unlocking the tools.

You will have to enjoy the fun by collecting many coins and rewards to push you through the stages. You will need to unlock various profiles, it will move you from basic to harder and complicated. You will prove the level of understanding of the game by unlocking more profiles, adding to yourself more ammunition and accessories that can be purchased with your coins and gold.
There is a handsome reward at each level.


The game has quality graphics, combined with nice sound feature and attractive colors to bring out the perfect experience and fun. It’s both fun, entertaining and educative.
Pixel Gun 3d hack can be played both online and offline. The best experience is when done online.

It provides a secure account that is encrypted. You information remains safe due to inscription. The log in details are not passed to third parties, they remain very confidential.

Another good aspect of the hack is that you can creatively use it as a gamble with your friends and peer. Say you are competing over a certain sum of money or any form of reward.
Start the game together and see who will be the first to finish and collect the most coins, gold, get the highest profiles and move to the highest and hardest level.

Pixel Gun 3d hack is an amazing game to keep you busy and help improve one’s intelligence. Why don’t you give it a try today!You will surely like it!Invite your friends and family to share the fun too.

Clash of Clans: How to transfer your village iOS to Android and vice versa?


clash-of-clansclash-of-clans-android-2 clash-of-clansclash-of-clans-android-4

When buying a new smartphone, hardcore gamers may arise between the different question of the sustainability of their account Clash of Clan. The transition from iOS to Android (and vice versa) allows it to transfer backup? Absolutely, and that is what we propose to discover in this tutorial childish.

For the sake of understanding, this tutorial is built around the transfer of a backup iOS to Android, but manipulation also works in reverse. Before you begin, make sure that the two phones are respectively connected to their Game Center account and Google Play when you connect to Clash of Clans (connection available in the “Settings” menu).


Transfer its CoC town smartphone to another
Start by going to the “Settings” of your two terminals. For this, you must have completed the tutorial of the game from one side to the other.

Then select “Pair Device” on each of them and determine the appropriate option. To recall, in our case, the iPhone happens to be the old unit while the Android carrier serves as a new device.

On the iOS device, click “Attach to another device” to generate the access code referring to your Clash of Clans Account. Please note, you have a time of two minutes to enter this key in your new smartphone (see image 2 below).


clash-of-clansclash-of-clans-android-5After entering the code in the appropriate window, validate your approach to remove the town created during the tutorial phase of your new phone. The latter will thus be replaced by the iOS backup. Remember, once the manipulation done, you will not be able to simultaneously use your session on both platforms. However, it is quite possible to pass from one to another, the transfer will not deleting the account on the original terminal.